Interviewed at

Hi there,

About Dot Com interviewed me about writing fiction, being creative in an industrial slum, daily grind becoming art — as they say “finding inspiration in the mundane”

If you’re in the mood read it here


On the home front, I just got home from Asbury Park, NJ, where me and my wife went for the weekend to swim in the ocean. We hung out a lot with the poet Mark Brunetti and went to see the band Dentist play at the Asbury Park Yacht Club. Also saw some punk band play at Asbury Park Lanes. We also heard a guy jamming out AC/DC’s Thunderstruck on a park bench at 2 am with a huge amp. And people making art suspended from ropes and flailing around on the boardwalk … I don’t know what I am saying, but I guess it all adds up to: you should come with us to the beach in New Jersey. All the time. Make that happen, please.

Also, I just hooked up a Roku 2.

We have TV now.

Whoa. We are watching Seinfeld on hulu plus.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got …


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