New Book Out Now: Tables Without Chairs

Today is the release day of Tables Without Chairs!

The book is a three way collaboration I was involved in with Brian Alan Ellis (author of King Shit, and Something Good, Something Bad, Something Dirty) and the illustrator Waylon Thornton. 

I have a story cycle in the book called CALM FACE which is a weird tour of my neighborhood in NYC that owes less to literature and more to an episode of Seinfeld if the cast was all Robotrippin’. 

Here’s a piece called Reviews of My Corner Bodega that is on the site Electric Cereal. 

Brian’s part of the book is so good. He has a section called SAD LAUGHTER that is mostly anti-writing advice tweets and status updates. And also a section called SPOOKY HOUSE which is all about a guy who is depressed and tries to fight off the depression with copious amounts of casual sex and drugs. Fun stuff. 


Waylon drew some rad as hell monsters. There’s nothing better than monster drawings in a book as weird and crazy as this. 

This is the true story… of two writers [BUD SMITH and BRIAN ALAN ELLIS]… picked to fill up their own sections of the same book… sometimes having to solicit work from friends [WAYLON THORNTON]… so they can all party together… and have their work published… to find out what happens… when art and literature stop being polite… and start getting real…

“[TABLES WITHOUT CHAIRS #1 is] wilder than any animal at any itinerant circus in the world… and in terms of lexical acrobatics, a real high-wire act. Sit back and enjoy the show.”—RYAN RIDGE, author of American Homes
“BRIAN ALAN ELLIS and BUD SMITH are both great and uniquely themselves. Together they are even more hilarious and reckless than they’ve ever been. Reckless in a good way. Like two dudes flipping cop cars after a basketball game. This book is a riot.”—TROY JAMES WEAVER, author of Witchita Stories

Here’s what This Book Will Change Your Life said: “Tables Without Chairs #1 is a platform for what [Brian Alan Ellis and Bud Smith] do so well – revel in characters who are scraping by.”
The book is available on Amazon now   


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