Uno Kudo Volume 5 Call for Submissions

Hello writers and artists!

Uno Kudo, an art meets lit, full color glossy print/digital is open for submissions.
Have you never seen an issue of Uno Kudo?
Here is Volume 3 as a Free PDF

Submissions are OPEN for Uno Kudo volume 5!

send your work, NOW:



Writers: Uno Kudo is looking for your most vivid work: short stories, poems, creative non-fiction, to be matched up side by side with artwork that will knock your socks off.

Please send writing as a .doc file.

No theme. No holds barred.
In the subject line, please write either:

ATTN: Fiction/Title and author
ATTN: poetry/Title and author

Fiction: stories under 1500 preferred
: send up to six poems (separate Word docs are fine)
short stories: send one
flash fiction: max 500 words each, send up to three (separate Word docs are fine)


Artists: Please send art as a 300 dpi Jpeg 12″ high. Also send links to your websites. In this edition we will be using more stand alone art but we will still be matching up art to some of the stories and poems so it would be really awesome to see the expanse of your work.



Submissions are now open for our yearly print anthology that combines art and writing in wild ways. All profits from the sales of Uno Kudo will again be donated to PEN international, a charity that fights for the rights of oppressed artists worldwide.

Uno Kudo will be published in book form, available through Amazon, and available as a digital download.

We’d like to see something that has not been published elsewhere. We’d like to see something that is not sim. sub. We’d like to buy you a beer. All those things.

Thank you!

–Bud Smith


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