JANT published at Monkeybicycle 

Hi everybody, 

Hope your new year is going really good. I’ve been finishing up edits on my novella I’m From Electric Peak, coming out in April in paperback and for digital readers. Also been recording audio for the audio book of my last novel F 250, look for that very soon, I’m being told it’ll he out by Valentine’s Day. 

Couple things, the site Monkeybicycle just published my short story JANT, about two love birds parked out on the overpass watching for car crashes on a rainy day. 

Check it out here 
Also wanted to shout about this …

So today I was off work again, and kicking around the apartment. Doing a couple projects, half-assed but really just watching Making a Murderer on Netflix. 
2pm I finished it. Was a pretty good documenty in a please don’t arrest me and take me to a kafkaesque nightmare world if I accidentally kill someone in a backwoods dream nightmare. You know. Just thinking fuck the police fuck the police. 
I’m sitting there at 2:30 like besides, thinking fuck the police, also thinking, ‘okay world what’s next’
Then I realize that at 11am I was supposed to move my car for alternate side street sweeping in NYC. 

I walk down there to where my car is (many blocks away)

I’m expecting either, 

1. a $125 ticket 

2. To be towed away 

3. one of those giant fluorescent stickers on the windshield that you can’t remove that says THIS CAR INTERFERED WITH NYC SANITATION WORK

4. metal boot on the tire 
Instead I found my car where it was. No ticket. No problem. 

Peaceful easy feeling. 

I jumped up and touched the sun and I shouted I LOVE YOU POLICE OF THE WORLD!!


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