CALM FACE Released


Calm Face

*image by Waylon Thornton

  1. My novella CALM FACE has been released as an ebook from House of Vlad. It has a Goodreads Page here and can be picked dup at Amazon here
  2. CALM FACE is available in paperback as part of Tables Without Chairs #1 also available from House of Vlad, but there is a limited run of signed CALM FACE paperbacks coming out, so if you are interested in getting one of those, email me at and I’ll add you to the list … I’m told it’ll be a run of 50 books and that’s it.
  3. Today I’m sending my final edits to the manuscript I’m From Electric Peak to Artistically Declined and the novella is scheduled to come out in April 2016. Keep a look out for that.
  4. I am reading with Dead Rabbits here in NYC this Sunday, January 18th, Harlem. Check out more event details here 


I’ve also had a few short stories out lately. If you missed them, they are here:

Tiger Blood at Hobart
JANT at Monkeybicycle
When I Touch Your Face at Leopardskin and Limes
Sheetrock and Insulation at Literary Orphans
Pentagram at People Holding


Strange days here. David Bowie passed away I was at work at the refinery when I heard the news. Told my buddy I was working with about it and he said …
Coworker: Who the fuck cares about David Bowie?
So I opened up my Facebook and counted how many posts in a row were about the dude.
22 posts in a row. Random Facebook friends and then on the 23rd somebody posted a picture of an ass crack in a Walmart or something.

Later that day, I got an email that an interview I’d done with Spoken Word was up on their site. I talked in length about my writing, my work life, my home life and memories from my childhood. As well as my first attempt at writing a novel in a notebook when I was in middle school. You can check out the interview here 

So the cat is kind of out of the bag about the audio book, for F 250, which will be available some time near Valentine’s Day. Looking forward to sharing that with you soon. I’ve been very busy recording the audio book. It’s tough work.





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