New Things


I have a short story in Funhouse Magazine (out of East London) and the story is called Franklin and it’d mean the world to me if you checked it out and let me know what you think of it. So, thank you if you can.

Also, I’ve been writing a weekly column for Real Pants called Work Safe Or Die Trying about the intersection between working heavy construction and creativity. Recently my wife and I moved out of NYC after ten years, and are back in NJ now, Jersey City, to be exact. Here is an essay called TL;DR … the link is to all my Real Pants essays – there’s been sixteen of them. The latest one is at the top of the list, but follow along with old posts and new posts alike by visiting that link whenever whenever.

I’m happy these days, and hope you are too. Been writing a lot and working a lot and listening to Paul Simon and Prince a lot. The usual shit.

yell at me on Twitter  it seems to be where I am doing most of my damage these days.

Thank you for reading and for making stuff. What you make fuels what I make. No joke about it.



Please chime in, let's talk about the Universe

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