bud smith

Dust Bunny City is Owwwt + New Stories


This morning when I got home from work, there was a car parked on the street outside my place and someone had stolen the rims, and with the rims, the tires on the rims. The car was balanced on a lone cinderblock. The lug nuts were scattered all on the road. Things happen so fast. 

My book Dust Bunny City just came out. Well it’s not just my book. It’s a book with Rae Buleri. It’s a novel in words and images. Words from me, line drawings from Rae. A paperback can be ordered from this link

There is a party in NYC next Sunday for the release of Dust Bunny City. You should come if you aren’t busy. 

Also, I forgot to tell you about a couple stories that came out because I’ve been on night shift and doing nothing but going to work and coming home and sleeping for a little bit and then going back to work . 

Everybody’s Darlin’ from Potluck Magazine  

Wolves – from Smokelong 

The Lost Girls – from WhiskeyPaper

3 Poems – from Drunk in a Midnight Choir

Thank you for being in this weird world with me. I’d be lonely without ya all. 

– Bud