New Story at Fluland, “Gling Gling Gling”

Hello. Two things:

Yesterday my short story “Gling Gling Gling” was published at Fluland. It’s a story about a man who is crushed by a car but still needs to run some errands around town. 

I like Fluland a lot, they’ve had some  really dope things on their site lately from Sam Pink, Blake Butler, Shane Jones, and Joeseph Grantham (the publisher of my new book, Dust Bunny City). You should read Joey’s story, Trash

Gling Gling Gling is here 

Also yesterday, I was interviewed at the new site, Rabble Lit. They are focused on putting out work by writers who are blue collar who write/represent that in some way. My favorite part of the interview was when the editor put up a picture of Pablo Picasso and underneath it the caption said, “Fuck you Pablo, nobody cares.” Check out the interview here

Hope you’re good. Hope you wake up covered in magic money. 


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