A Year of My Life at Barrelhouse

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 5.22.55 PM

It’s been a year so far that I’ve been reviewing my life at Barrelhouse. Earlier today a piece went up where I gave starred ratings to different ages of my life. Some ages covered are -1, 0, 28, 35, 6, 7, 8, 20, among others. You can read the piece here

If you like that, like I said, I’ve been reviewing my life at that website for a year now, so there are a bunch of those posts. They are all here

I will continue to live my life and review the future as it becomes the present at Barrelhouse, because I like that Led Zeppelin song where Robert Plant shrieks ‘we can still barrelhouse baby on the river-side.’

Also, this year in 2018, I will also be writing essays about other things I have survived for Hobart in a series called Forever Ago. Jan-Dec, on the last day of the month, look for a very serious, and very introspective new essay from yours truly, Bug Smurf, on Hobart dot com, enter into your search bar h-t-t-p-:-h-o-b-a-r-t-p-u-l-p-dot-c-o-m and then hit enter, and just enjoy the party. I’ve given up drinking and now I just lift weights overnight and watch that Ken Burns documentary about the wild wild west. 

One thought on “A Year of My Life at Barrelhouse

  1. hey hey old friend,
    I’m back. Your rating system is a case of wonders for me. Would your former self agree with this or be like “man, you forgot about so much good/ bad/ crazy shit” “whys and what for’s”. Still great. Wonder what the total is, or the mean… 87.4%?

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