The End of Good Luck

Hello hello,

I just wrapped up a year long (plus some) project called Good Luck, which is an experimental novel that was serialized, as it was written, at The Nervous Breakdown.

The project is about memory/the self, art, labor, and love.

The project was initially spurred by the death of my dear friend Chuck Howe, upset by the absurd news of his passing (he died of heart failure while laughing on the telephone, telling his girlfriend that someone with terrible grammar was attempting to scam him on Facebook messenger, impersonating the dean of Harvard), I began to interrogate my family, and those around me, to see what they thought was important in life. The conclusion … most of it was pretty blurry, but what they found most rewarding was the time they’d spent with their friends and significant others, of course.

Good Luck is an investigation into my own life and beliefs and the zig zag nature of creativity, recollection, what I call home. Speaking of home, I live in an apartment with twenty doors for six rooms. I believe the project reflects that. Come in one door, leave the room from another, stand in another room and get back into that initial room from a separate door altogether.

Much thanks to Joseph Grantham who was the editor of the project. We worked together for sixty consecutive weeks on Good Luck. He is the most adventurous editor I know. Thanks also to the many artists who shared their art as the image for the weekly posts … A majority of that art came from Rae Buleri, but I returned again and again to the artwork of Kristen Felicetti and Ileen Kaplan, as a source of inspiration. During the run of the project I also read and studied Don Quixote, and felt again, how completely free a novel can be, given room to explore itself.

Thank you if you have read any of Good Luck as it posted in 2018, 2019, or 2020. Below are the collected links to this version of the project, as its serialization on the internet ends today.

Much respect,
Bud Smith

Butterfly – Episode Negative One
Popsicle – Episode One
Turkey Baby – Episode Two
Elegy – Episode Three
First Memory – Episode Four
Cults – Episode Five
Playboys – Episode Six
Oblique Strategies – Episode Seven
Blue Skies – Episode Eight
Dreams – Episode Nine
Melissa – Episode Ten
Bullfrog – Episode Eleven
Grasshopper – Episode Twelve
Art – Episode Thirteen
Little Guy – Episode Fourteen
Suicide in Bed – Episode Fifteen
Salad – Episode Sixteen
Block – Episode Seventeen
Rewrite – Episode Eighteen
Eggshells – Episode Nineteen
Birds – Episode Twenty
(and Durak) – Episode Twenty-One
Fish Hook – Episode Twenty-Two
Alcoholics – Episode Twenty-Three [Hobart]
Jane – Episode Twenty-Four
Trees – Episode Twenty-Five
William and Me – Episode Twenty-Six
After Death Valley – Episode Twenty-Seven
Beach Boys – Episode Twenty-Eight
Claudius Jr. – Episode Twenty-Nine
Mystery – Episode Thirty
A Cloud – Episode Thirty-One
Two Cats – Episode Thirty-Two
Salt and Pepper – Episode Thirty-Three
Friends – Episode Thirty-Four
Dear Thunderclap – Episode Thirty-Five
How to Write a Story – Episode Thirty-Six
Survival – Episode Thirty-Seven
Q & A – Episode Thirty-Eight
QQ & AA – Episode Thirty-Nine
Memory House – Episode Forty
Call For Submissions – Episode Forty-One
Cul-de-sac – Episode Forty-Two
Good Luck – Episode Forty-Three
Death – Episode Forty-Four
Blank – Episode Forty-Five
The Editor – Episode Forty-Six
Self – Episode Forty-Seven
Control – Episode Forty-Eight
Sorry Party – Episode Forty-Nine
Red Sky – Episode Fifty
Eviction – Episode Fifty-One
Rewilding – Episode Fifty-Two
Quiz – Episode Fifty-Three
Trying – Episode Fifty-Four
Directions – Episode Fifty-Five
Bleeding & Laughing – Episode Fifty-Six
Arrows – Episode Fifty-Seven
Budwulf – Episode Fifty-Eight
Last Memories – Episode Fifty-Nine
Demolition – Episode Sixty

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