Been writing a lot lately. Most of it is chronicles of everyday stuff, and not things I want to send to magazines or to jail or to heaven or to the bottom of the sea, so I’ve been putting it at here. I’ll post more and more at that same spot, so subscribe to it if you want the beef. Thank you and goodnight. Signed, Bud


Double Bird Out Now

Double Bird Cover

Hello, this year Easter is on April Fool’s Day. Sweet. Two for one deal. Here are some things that are going on. 

1. Double Bird, my new collection of short stories, is out from Maudlin House. It can be purchased in paperback, direct from the publisher here.

 These short stories are odd little ducks … A man finds a seashell and it tells him to do things, some bad, some good … An adjunct professor decides he doesn’t want to teach at the community college anymore, he begins a journey into the underworld, his dog at his side … A giant eagle egg is found lying on the lawn, it shakes and continues to grow larger, and larger … Let’s out go on a date with someone who has little tiny tigers in their blood … Let’s make love to a severed head … A man is crushed with a car and asks a personal favor of the driver, he wants to run some errands around town before he dies—cash this check at the bank, pick up stamps at the post office, go with you on your job interview … Double Bird. Vivd. Odd. Hurtful. Unloved. Wet with dew. Out of its mind with joy. 232 pages. 30+ stories. $16. The snake and the severed head was illustrated by the amazing Tyler Gross, btw. 

2. Speaking of stories, I have two new stories that were just published online. Both are in Double Bird. The first one is called, ‘rek-rek-kek-kek-kek’ and it was published by Fanzine, thanks for Blake Butler. The other story is called ‘Shwimps’ and it was published by Faded Out. 

3. I am still doing that TinyLetter. You should subscribe to it. It could save your life. 

A Year of My Life at Barrelhouse

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 5.22.55 PM

It’s been a year so far that I’ve been reviewing my life at Barrelhouse. Earlier today a piece went up where I gave starred ratings to different ages of my life. Some ages covered are -1, 0, 28, 35, 6, 7, 8, 20, among others. You can read the piece here

If you like that, like I said, I’ve been reviewing my life at that website for a year now, so there are a bunch of those posts. They are all here

I will continue to live my life and review the future as it becomes the present at Barrelhouse, because I like that Led Zeppelin song where Robert Plant shrieks ‘we can still barrelhouse baby on the river-side.’

Also, this year in 2018, I will also be writing essays about other things I have survived for Hobart in a series called Forever Ago. Jan-Dec, on the last day of the month, look for a very serious, and very introspective new essay from yours truly, Bug Smurf, on Hobart dot com, enter into your search bar h-t-t-p-:-h-o-b-a-r-t-p-u-l-p-dot-c-o-m and then hit enter, and just enjoy the party. I’ve given up drinking and now I just lift weights overnight and watch that Ken Burns documentary about the wild wild west. 

Tyrant Books Publishing My Next Novel


Tyrant Books will be publishing my next novel, Teenager. Pub date is estimated at the very end of 2018/first days of 2019. Beyond excited to have my book come out on Tyrant Books. They’ve published some of the greatest works of contemporary literature – The Sarah Book by Scott McClanahan; Preparations for the Next Life by Atticus Lish; Literally Show Me a Healthy Person by Darcie Wilder … the list goes on and on. Excited to work with Giancarlo DiTrapano. Look for Teenager on the horizon.

Pre-Order Double Bird

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 6.43.09 PM


At the end of March, 2018, Maudlin House will be releasing a collection of my short stories called Double Bird. Forty stories. My best ones. All ‘killer’, no ‘filler’, hehehe. 200 plus pages. Most of the stories are something close to the tone of my story Tiger Blood. Double Bird will start out as a limited run hardcover for $23 shipped from the publisher. The pre-order page is up now. Available right here. Thank youuuuuuuu.