Everything Neon

everything neon
A full length collection of poetry, 180+ pages
published by Marginalia: North Hollywood, CA (2014)
“laugh at all you come across forget all the bad times glow neon-undoomed and shake yourself ’til something pops. From Bud Smith, author of Tollbooth, comes a vibrant collection of poetry, Everything Neon, that’s a tribute to a city, and a love, like no other. It’ll make you feel like falling in love is a good idea and that people are generally beautiful to each other.”


signed copies

for $12

Bud Smith writes poems that punch you in the face, make you laugh out loud, fall in love and break your heart all at the same time. This collections paints a vivid picture of life in Washington Heights, NYC that is electrifying and triumphant.  It is an amazing achievement.  It reminds me of the rock concept albums of the 1960s and 1970s in its mastery.  Most of all, Bud Smith’s voice as a writer always comes off like he is the most sincere man in the room.  And you want him, and his words, in your corner.”
–Kevin Ridgeway, author of All the Rage (Electric Windmill Press)

“Everything Neon is a collection of poetry that inverts the concept of rigorous city life and offers up a gorgeous seasonal progression from street to sky … a subway ride littered with apartment urban lengends and take out tales that present the reader with this: peace in the shape of unrestrained love.“ – Amanda Deo, publisher, Thunderclap!



“A series of love poems for a lover and a city, intertwined in a way that was beautifully mystifying.“ Heather Dorn, poetry editor, Uno Kudo

I don’t have a lot of time for bells & whistles, but Bud Smith is easily one of our greatest living poets and writers. Bud’s poetry reminds me of William Carlos Williams screaming about the end of the world directly into his cat’s litter box. His writing reminds me of Homer standing with a jug of wine in his hand on the edge of Athens as the onslaught from Sparta is coming. Like I said, I am not one for bells and whistles, but you NEED to pick up his poetry, right now & right away.

—Frank Reardon, author, Blood Music


Some examples of the poems found inside

You Can Remain Anonymous 
(at Thunderclap!)

A Crushed Pepsi Can Floats Down 
(at Olentangy Review)
an essay about the writing process of that 

Where You Were Dead 
(at The Nervous Breakdown)

“Concrete narrative stories with abstract thoughts and philosophies. You can’t go wrong you will find drunken enlightenment in every piece.” The Idiom Magazine

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