Interviewed at Proximity

“‘The last thing I would ever recommend you do is read a book written by a calm and collected person who is actively refusing to show you how they felt in response to the stimuli of this batshit crazy world.’ The inimitable Bud Smith (WORK, Civil Coping Mechanisms) is on TRUE today—dispensing wisdom on art, death, deserted campgrounds, and not trying to be cool.” – Dina Relles

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At the end of March, 2018, Maudlin House will be releasing a collection of my short stories called Double Bird. Forty stories. My best ones. All ‘killer’, no ‘filler’, hehehe. 200 plus pages. Most of the stories are something close to the tone of my story Tiger Blood. Double Bird will start out as a limited run hardcover for $23 shipped from the publisher. The pre-order page is up now. Available right here. Thank youuuuuuuu.