Jan. 2018 …. interviewed by Dina Relles for Proximity Magazine
Dec. 2017 … interviewed by Brad Listi for the Otherppl podcast
Nov. 2017 … interviewed by Julia Escoria for Volume 1 Brooklyn
Nov. 2017 … interviewed by Jaime Fountaine for Fanzine
July 2017 … interviewed by Nic Rhys for The Rumpus 
June 2017 … interviewed (with Rae Buleri) by Elle Nash for Hobart
April 2017 … interviewed by Anna Lea Jancewicz for Rabble
Mar. 2017 … interviewed by Daniel DiFranco for Smokelong
Nov. 2016 … interviewed by Rachel Sherman for The Balance
Sept. 2016 … interviewed by Gwen Werner for Moonsick
Aug. 2015 … interviewed by Brad Listi on the Otherppl podcast
July 2015  … interviewed by Sabra Embury for The Rumpus 


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