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I hope everyone is doing good. I’ve got some friends riding  out Hurricane Matthew in Florida, but it looks like they’re gonna be okay. Was worried about one friend in particular who lives in a punk house that is collapsing anyways on a blue sky day. Anyways, looks like Florida will keep on Florida-ing. Yuss! Punk House will live on. 

Heard some news last week. Civil Coping Mechnanisms (CCM) will be putting out my memoir/essay collection called Same Clothes As Yeaterday in June 2017. Excited about that. 

Also, today at Hobart, I have two pieces of flash, “Red Teeth” and “Do Ya Wanna Dance?” They’re here

It’s October and most everybody is happy that it’s hooded sweatshirt weather.  I’ve had some writing fall through the cracks lately and wanted to share a list here if you are in the mood. 

  •  Hobart published two short stories from my collection, coming in November (from Disorder Press) called Dustbunny City , read them here 
  • Hobart also ran a story of mine called Boss, about a man struggling with the ghost of Andre the Giant, read Boss here 

My Story “Boss” Published at Hobart 

Life is such a maze. It’s easy to get lost in the maze but most of the time you can get through the worst part of the maze by working together with other people passing through the maze. I wrote this story, Boss, thinking about the many people I’ve known in my life who have temporally gotten lost, depressed, pained, suicidal … I believe that people can actually help each other, and make a difference in each other’s life. Check in on your friends and family and neighbors. Make sure everyone is feeing good and if they aren’t, do what you can to help them along through the maze. 

Thank you!

Here’s my story Boss at Hobart 

New Essay at Fanzine 

drawing by michael seymour blake

There’s a month of summer left. I’m looking forward to getting watermelon punch drunk this weekend and doing some night swimming. It’s 109 degrees here today at the oil refinery. Jeez Louise. 

Very happy that today over at Fanzine I have a new essay called “Our House Is A Very Fine House“. 

It’s about the first house my parent’s were able to afford, one that was vandalized and one that my brother and I destroyed even more than the vandals. 

Carabella Sand is one of my favorite artists. She drew the house. The house has graffiti on it that says “Fuck Off! This Place Is Haunted!” and it was, it reall was. But not by ghosts. By us. 

Check out the essay here 

Two Readings 5/24 + 5/25

Oh my lawd!

Tonight in Brooklyn, Cool As Fuck reading series. 6:30 pm. I’ll be hosting and toasting with Bill Lessard at Pete’s Candy Shop. Readers will be Mark de Silva, Amanda McCormick, Stephen Thomas, Jamie Perez and Adam Robinson

Here’s some more info about the Cool As Fuck reading happening tonight, 5/24

“Kind of like if a kooky variety show went to the library” – NY Mag

Tomorrow night, Wednesday. Molasses Books, 8pm, I’ll actually be reading. Other readers include Alex Molotkow, Lauren Hilger and Stephen Thomas … This is a release party for Stephen’s book The Jokes out from BookThug. Here’s some more info 
If you’d like to be a bookish individual come to these things

New Story “The Paralyzer” published at Third Point 

Couple updates :Last night was a good night. I got a haircut so I don’t look like this anymore. It was a nice haircut because as soon as I waked in the place, they poured me a bourbon and handed it over with a smile. 

Around the corner from the barber shop is a bar that has classic arcade machines and beer. I sunk a couple dollars into The Simpsons game, and remembered when I was a kid and used to play that machine at the Seaside Boardwalk. 

Speaking of that, I’ve got a story called The Paralyzer all about the boardwalk, a water park, some kids having fun/getting distracted while their world gets further fucked up. 

The story just got published at Third Point Press, and the editor Tyler Goff Barton really did a nice job on the the edits. Thanks to him. And thanks to you. 

Check out The Paralyzer her

CALM FACE Released


Calm Face

*image by Waylon Thornton

  1. My novella CALM FACE has been released as an ebook from House of Vlad. It has a Goodreads Page here and can be picked dup at Amazon here
  2. CALM FACE is available in paperback as part of Tables Without Chairs #1 also available from House of Vlad, but there is a limited run of signed CALM FACE paperbacks coming out, so if you are interested in getting one of those, email me at and I’ll add you to the list … I’m told it’ll be a run of 50 books and that’s it.
  3. Today I’m sending my final edits to the manuscript I’m From Electric Peak to Artistically Declined and the novella is scheduled to come out in April 2016. Keep a look out for that.
  4. I am reading with Dead Rabbits here in NYC this Sunday, January 18th, Harlem. Check out more event details here 


I’ve also had a few short stories out lately. If you missed them, they are here:

Tiger Blood at Hobart
JANT at Monkeybicycle
When I Touch Your Face at Leopardskin and Limes
Sheetrock and Insulation at Literary Orphans
Pentagram at People Holding


Strange days here. David Bowie passed away I was at work at the refinery when I heard the news. Told my buddy I was working with about it and he said …
Coworker: Who the fuck cares about David Bowie?
So I opened up my Facebook and counted how many posts in a row were about the dude.
22 posts in a row. Random Facebook friends and then on the 23rd somebody posted a picture of an ass crack in a Walmart or something.

Later that day, I got an email that an interview I’d done with Spoken Word was up on their site. I talked in length about my writing, my work life, my home life and memories from my childhood. As well as my first attempt at writing a novel in a notebook when I was in middle school. You can check out the interview here 

So the cat is kind of out of the bag about the audio book, for F 250, which will be available some time near Valentine’s Day. Looking forward to sharing that with you soon. I’ve been very busy recording the audio book. It’s tough work.




Coral Reef

The best night I ever had with Nadine, I was hallucinating. We both were.
It was around eleven pm on a Tuesday and it was just about to snow. We were doing laps of Baygate. Just because.

This was probably when gas was 95 cents a gallon.
And cigarettes were 3 dollars.
And my hair was long, down past my shoulders, stupid long, and it stunk because I never washed it.
And before my ring finger had been bitten off by my neighbor’s doberman pincher.
Nadine was driving and I was in the back seat of her car, laying flat only back, sneakers pressed flat against window. I was smoking a cigarette, which I hardly ever did, only when I was with Nadine.
That’s how we were, we both did things we hardly ever did when we were in each other’s company.
I smoked cigarettes, and she dated assholes. I was the asshole. She had the cigarettes.

“I shouldn’t be driving,” she said, like a wheeze.
“Well I can’t drive either,” I said.
“Neither of of us should be driving.”
It wasn’t like we were going anywhere, our destination was zilch. It was just that we were driving, to drive, to move because we could be. That’s how our relationship was and still would be, if we had both been as set on zilch destination as I was.
Orange light passed like ghostly orbs through her dirty window as I faced perpendicular to the direction of our true travel.
“I’m not driving,” I said, “It’s only you who shouldn’t be driving.”
I sat up and let her take a drag from her own cigarette, and I said, “Just think of it like you’re piloting a submarine and we’re underwater. You can’t crash into anything when you’re at the bottom of the sea.”
“That’s BS! You can crash into electric coral reef!”
“Okay, then just imagine that all the buildings are electrified coral reef.”
“Ha, I’ll do that.”

Her hair was longer then too, and it wasn’t blonde yet. I saw a picture of her the other day, her hair is short now and she is marrying a cop. This was on Facebook, her haircut, short and spiky made me think she will have two sons that will play soccer and they both will suck but she’ll cheer anyway from the bench.
It’s okay, I’m sure she’d look at my picture too say “what happened to him?” if I had a facebook, but I don’t. I was in the library and someone had forgotten to sign out of their account. Judging by my experience, 1/6 people in the public libraries of the world forget to sign out of their facebook accounts.

I was tripping enough, this time, that when I looked out of the back window of Nadine’s car, I looked out on the small town where I had grown up, where I’d spent all of my youth and my life up to that point, but the small town looked different.
The street lights running down route 9 were brighter.
It looked like Las Vegas, instead of some podunk little blip on a New Jersey map right on the edge of the marsh.
My eyes got wider.
I saw the brontosaurus outside of Dinosaur Liquor and it was somehow catching a neon reflection, from I don’t know where and the brontosaurus was lit up like a blue bonfire.
I was about to say to Nadine, “I’m never leaving, I’m going to stay in this town forever, or be its mayor or its judge or nobody at all and I’ll flourish here, I’ll be happy, so happy, happiest of all …”
But just then Nadine turned off of route 9 and headed into the darkness on Morris avenue with the flickering streetlight and the asphalt disappearing halfway down where the dune grass starts—so I didn’t say anything.
And that feeling was gone and has never returned.

Of course, I’ve gone too, and haven’t been back to that place in so long. Maybe it’s all been flattened or boxed up in trucks and moved out to make room for nicer, shinier things.
I kept quiet.
I sucked my breath in.
I sucked my breath in so deep and I thought so hard on the backseat that eventually, Nadine said, “Are you alright?”

She’d pulled the car over and turned the headlights off and she’d climbed in the back seat with me, to see if I was dead.
I wasn’t dead.
She isn’t now either.
She’s marrying this cop I’ve heard.
Which I can’t believe.
Someone has to marry cops, they will lead you to believe.
I would have never guessed it’d be Nadine.

Oh! That night, the reason why I remember it so fondly. When we finally sobered up enough.
And the snow never showed up.
And it was 1 am or 2 am.
We went back to Dinosaur Liquor.
And get this, we sawed off the brontosaurus’ head.
I still have it.

I keep it in my room and I have it painted neon blue, it’s like stupid bright and sometimes I put it on top of the TV, even. When people come over they ask what it is, and I say. “Who knows?”

If I ever make my own Facebook profile, I’ll probably have the dinosaur be my profile picture.
And the only message I’ll ever send will be to Nadine.
Something like, “Beware electric coral reef.”

Uno Kudo Volume 5 Call for Submissions

Hello writers and artists!

Uno Kudo, an art meets lit, full color glossy print/digital is open for submissions.
Have you never seen an issue of Uno Kudo?
Here is Volume 3 as a Free PDF

Submissions are OPEN for Uno Kudo volume 5!

send your work, NOW:



Writers: Uno Kudo is looking for your most vivid work: short stories, poems, creative non-fiction, to be matched up side by side with artwork that will knock your socks off.

Please send writing as a .doc file.

No theme. No holds barred.
In the subject line, please write either:

ATTN: Fiction/Title and author
ATTN: poetry/Title and author

Fiction: stories under 1500 preferred
: send up to six poems (separate Word docs are fine)
short stories: send one
flash fiction: max 500 words each, send up to three (separate Word docs are fine)


Artists: Please send art as a 300 dpi Jpeg 12″ high. Also send links to your websites. In this edition we will be using more stand alone art but we will still be matching up art to some of the stories and poems so it would be really awesome to see the expanse of your work.



Submissions are now open for our yearly print anthology that combines art and writing in wild ways. All profits from the sales of Uno Kudo will again be donated to PEN international, a charity that fights for the rights of oppressed artists worldwide.

Uno Kudo will be published in book form, available through Amazon, and available as a digital download.

We’d like to see something that has not been published elsewhere. We’d like to see something that is not sim. sub. We’d like to buy you a beer. All those things.

Thank you!

–Bud Smith

New Book Out Now: Tables Without Chairs

Today is the release day of Tables Without Chairs!

The book is a three way collaboration I was involved in with Brian Alan Ellis (author of King Shit, and Something Good, Something Bad, Something Dirty) and the illustrator Waylon Thornton. 

I have a story cycle in the book called CALM FACE which is a weird tour of my neighborhood in NYC that owes less to literature and more to an episode of Seinfeld if the cast was all Robotrippin’. 

Here’s a piece called Reviews of My Corner Bodega that is on the site Electric Cereal. 

Brian’s part of the book is so good. He has a section called SAD LAUGHTER that is mostly anti-writing advice tweets and status updates. And also a section called SPOOKY HOUSE which is all about a guy who is depressed and tries to fight off the depression with copious amounts of casual sex and drugs. Fun stuff. 


Waylon drew some rad as hell monsters. There’s nothing better than monster drawings in a book as weird and crazy as this. 

This is the true story… of two writers [BUD SMITH and BRIAN ALAN ELLIS]… picked to fill up their own sections of the same book… sometimes having to solicit work from friends [WAYLON THORNTON]… so they can all party together… and have their work published… to find out what happens… when art and literature stop being polite… and start getting real…

“[TABLES WITHOUT CHAIRS #1 is] wilder than any animal at any itinerant circus in the world… and in terms of lexical acrobatics, a real high-wire act. Sit back and enjoy the show.”—RYAN RIDGE, author of American Homes
“BRIAN ALAN ELLIS and BUD SMITH are both great and uniquely themselves. Together they are even more hilarious and reckless than they’ve ever been. Reckless in a good way. Like two dudes flipping cop cars after a basketball game. This book is a riot.”—TROY JAMES WEAVER, author of Witchita Stories

Here’s what This Book Will Change Your Life said: “Tables Without Chairs #1 is a platform for what [Brian Alan Ellis and Bud Smith] do so well – revel in characters who are scraping by.”
The book is available on Amazon now