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I hope everyone is doing good. I’ve got some friends riding  out Hurricane Matthew in Florida, but it looks like they’re gonna be okay. Was worried about one friend in particular who lives in a punk house that is collapsing anyways on a blue sky day. Anyways, looks like Florida will keep on Florida-ing. Yuss! Punk House will live on. 

Heard some news last week. Civil Coping Mechnanisms (CCM) will be putting out my memoir/essay collection called Same Clothes As Yeaterday in June 2017. Excited about that. 

Also, today at Hobart, I have two pieces of flash, “Red Teeth” and “Do Ya Wanna Dance?” They’re here

It’s October and most everybody is happy that it’s hooded sweatshirt weather.  I’ve had some writing fall through the cracks lately and wanted to share a list here if you are in the mood. 

  •  Hobart published two short stories from my collection, coming in November (from Disorder Press) called Dustbunny City , read them here 
  • Hobart also ran a story of mine called Boss, about a man struggling with the ghost of Andre the Giant, read Boss here 

All The Work Safe Or Die Trying Essays So Far

Hi Everybody, 

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been writing an essay a week for Real Pants. The essays are about creativity and working for a living. I work heavy construction in an oil refinery and while I’m there, I write on my cellphone on my breaks. A few of my novels were written that way, most of my stories and poems were written that way. Here’s a list of all the essays so far. I’m really enjoying this project and not sure how long it’s going to keep going, but 22 pieces into it, I’m still having a ball. 

Thanks for reading, thanks for sharing these links with people who you think could gain anything from them. Sometimes we all get stuck in our creative efforts. I hope these essays help some people out of a creative jam they have found themselves in. 

Much love, 

Work Safe Or Die Trying Column at Real Pants 

Drug Test / Dustbunny City / Snow

Hi everybody. Snowed like crazy over here. I’m at work now, we just dragged a few pickups out of mountains of snow at the oil refinery. Fun times. Shout out to all the kids on the east coast. Hope you made some badass art, watched all the Netflix you could and of course, set aside some time for parting in the blizzard with your favorite person, chemical or snow snow shovel. 

Some news: I have a flash fiction collection called Dust Bunny City that will be coming out from Disorder Press. Look for that sometime around the end of the year. A paperback book illustrated by Rae Buleri. The book will be a sister to my story cycle Calm Face and also my poetry collection, Everything Neon. 

I was on the podcast Other Stories put together by the fantastic writer and curator Ilana Masad. I read my story Reviews of the Corner Bodega (from Calm Face, part of Tables Without Chairs #1).  


Also, my playlist for my novel F250 is up at the website Largehearted Boy. You can stream the playlist that goes along with the novel at Spotify


My new column at Real Pants, Work Safe or Die Trying has a new installment. Read Drug Test here

This week’s post is all about drugs in the work place. It’s illustrated by Michael Seymour Blake, a great artists and writer from Queens, NYC. 

Speaking of which, I am looking for artists and photographers who are interested in having their art featured in the Real Pants columns. Write to me in the comments or email 


Okay now it’s time for some inspirational tweets because I got plastered during the blizzard. 


Shout out to me and let me know what you’re up to these day. What are you making? Working on a novel? Painting some crazy pictures? What’s new?

First Time: an anthology about lost virginity

Last week, the First Time anthology was released. It’s my first attempt at gathering together some of my favorite underground writers to weigh in on a collective topic. As it turns out, First Time, just so happened to be about how 48 or so writers lost their virginities. Wild, hilarious stuff. Pretty punk rock too, I might add. Judging by how fun it was to do, I’m excited about a call for submissions for another anthology that’s soon to be announced.(Too Much: about the time you got too fucked up)

All together, I am really happy with how the First Time collection came out. It’s the first release by Unknown Press, which is going to be where I release future anthologies and books by peeps that I really respect. The cover was designed by the always super talented Rae Buleri. I did a lot of the artwork inside the book myself, some of the art was public domain sketches of nature (Like the GIANT snake that accompanies Nicole Adam’s stand out story “Baby Size Arm”)

Some contributors include, Gus Sanchez, Aaron Dietz, Robert Vaughan, Meg Tuite, Lynn Alexander, Heather Dorn, Ashley Perez, Allie Marini-Batts, Alex Reed, William Seward Bonnie, Wolf Carsens, John Yamrus …

It was a great project and its available now on Amazon as a print title and coming soon as a Kindle title once the formatting gets completed.


Coming next month, from Unknown Press, Chuck Howe’s collection of short stories “If I Had Wings These Windmills Would be Dead” will be released. Keep an eye out for that.

In the meantime, you should give First Time a look, but be warned, it’s pretty raunchy stuff and will make you laugh out loud. Trust me, I’ve seen it happen.

Check it out here

Soon there will be some readings and radio appearances for First Time. I’ll keep you in the loop.